Below is a breakout of the viewfinders as found on the various scope models.  I continue to update this based on a review of the various catalogs and new discoveries/inputs from the collector community.  I have also included  a breakout from one of the more recent Unitron catalogs, circa 1980:

Viewfinder01 Viewfinder02

  • 4X-19mm: on the Models 105; Chromed brass tube
  • 5X-16mm; 5x-19mm; 6x-24mm: on the Unitron Models 114; Chromed brass tube
  • 6X-23.5mm: on Models 128; Chromed brass tube
  • 8X-30mm: on Models 140 and 142; Duralumin tube in white enamel
  • 10X-40mm/42mm: on Model 145 and 4 Inch Models; Air-spaced objective; Duralumin tube in white enamel; Dewcap and Dustcap (Photo courtesy of Roger Roy)

10 x 40 Unitron

  • 12.5X-62mm/500 mm Focal Length: Standard on all Untron 6 Inch Models; Air Spaced Objective; Duralumin tube in white enamel; Dewcap and Dustcap

The following photos are of a Polarex 10X-60mm Viewfinder found on a Polarex Model 136F courtesy of Tore Engen; have not seen this listed in any catalog nor price list:


P1010297P1010292 P1010294 P1010296P1010298 P1010300 P1010306 P1010307

The following photos are of a rare Polarex viewfinder, D 50mm, FL 500 mm courtesy of Stephen Brennan; have not seen this scope listed in any catalog or price list:

Polarex 6 inch Finder - 1 Polarex 6 inch Finder - 2Polarex 6 inch Finder - 4Polarex 6 inch Finder Objective - 1Another rare Unitron viewfinder (photos and information courtesy of Bill Pohnan, Jr); this viewfinder along with several others is listed in the 1992 Kasai Catalog (see Documents Page) but I have not seen it listed in any Unitron USA catalog nor price list:



Unitron Inv0001