Weight Driven Clock Drives

The weight driven clock drives were available in two different sizes for the 4″, 5″ and 6″ Polarex and Unitron scopes: one size for the 4″ and 5″, and a larger size for the 6 ” scopes.  According to the catalogs, with the weight driven clock drive, the telescope operates independent of the source of electricity with the speed of the drive maintained at a constant rate by means of a spinning governor rotating within ball bearing supports.

The clockwork is protected by a chromed brass and plexiglas outer case.  It is equipped with a variable speed control to obtain the required rate for following the stars, the sun, or moon.

Some comparison photos of the two versions of the weight driven clock drive (courtesy of Stephen Brennan):

Both Weight Drives

Weight Drives - 1 Weight Drives - 2 Weight Drives - 3 Weight Drives - 4 Weight Drives - 7

The following photos of the 4/5 inch version were provided courtesy of Chuck Mitchell:

DSCN3208r DSCN3210 DSCN3212

The following photos of the 6 inch version were provided courtesy of Stephen Brennan:

KICX5609 KICX5610 KICX5611 KICX5612

KICX5615 KICX5616 KICX5617 KICX5618