Unitron Model 131-C

3″ Compact Equatorial, 75mm, 1200mm fl, f/16; complete with Equatorial Mounting and slow motion controls for right ascension and declination, extension flexible cable for R.A. control, supplementary R.A. slow motion and provision for attaching accessory clock drive,setting circles and verniers, tripod and brace, 8x30mm viewfinder with mounting brackets, rack and pinion focusing mechanism with focusing locks, star diagonal with 2x Barlow, erecting prism, 6 coated eyepieces: 6mm (200x), 7mm (171x), 9mm (133x), 12.5mm (96x), 18mm (67x), 25mm (48x), sun projecting screen set, solar aperture diaphragm, sun glass filter, dewcap, dustcap, wooden cabinets, instructions.

The model featured is owned by Chris Wells.  It was purchased from the original owner, so pretty certain it came together as the original package.   It’s a late model with the black crinkle look on the rings, mount and OTA back plate.  They shipped these with a 128 mount, the same that normally goes with the 60mm version.  It has a unique serial number (C-614) on the lens cell and the greenish tinted multi-coating dating it in late 70s-80s.  Other noteworthy items: focuser can be rotated; focuser has set screw rather than push fit (seen this on 2 131-Cs); Unitron leatherette tripod bag; 0.965″ diagonal with insertable barlow lens; the tripod and mount have since been sold but still have the OTA.

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