Unitron Model 145

3″ (75mm), FL 1200mm; Photo-Equatorial Refractor – complete with Equatorial mounting and slow motion controls for both declination and R.A., setting circles and veniers, tripod, 10X-42mm viewfinder, standard rack and pinion focusing, 6 eyepieces, choice of UNIHEX or star diagonal and erecting prism system, sun projecting screen apparatus, sunglass, UNIBALANCE tube assembly, pocket eyepiece case, dewcap, dustcap, tripod shelf, wooden cabinets; the 145C version comes standard with an electric drive motor

Additional accessories available: DUETRON double eyepiece, Astro-Camera 220 with Accessories; Uniclamp Camera Bracket;

Dave Komar currently owns this pristine model.  The previous owner, Jon Miles, accomplished an exceptional restoration on this complete Model 145C.  The telescope was purchased originally in September, 1971.   Details of that restoration can be found on a thread in Cloudy Nights classic telescope forum: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/402805-my-last-classic-scope-unitron-145c/.  The telescope was ordered with the Astrocamera Model 220, a Herschel Wedge, and a Uniclamp Camera Bracket.  Jon upgraded the focuser from the standard to the deluxe and added an 8x30mm viewfinder as well as an additional Unihex for the guidescope and a complete set of eyepieces.

Unitron 145 receiptr

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The scope in Model 142C configuration:

and in a more stripped down Model 145C configuration: