Weltblick 3″ Equatorial

Assuming the Weltblick description is similar to that of the Polarex and Unitron:

3″ (75mm), FL 1200mm Equatorial Refractor: complete with Equatorial mounting and slow motion controls for both declination and R.A., setting circles and veniers, tripod, 8X-30mm viewfinder, standard rack and pinion focusing, 5 eyepieces, choice of UNIHEX or star diagonal and erecting prism system, sun projecting screen apparatus, sunglass, pocket eyepiece case, dewcap, dustcap, tripod shelf, wooden cabinets

These first photos of a Model 131 are courtesy of Xavier Debeerst

Photos provided by Xavier




This second Weltblick Model 131 is owned by Holger Kramer.  It is equipped with a Unihex and an electric motor.  When he acquired it from a friend it was in bad shape, requiring cleaning, lens alignment, and work on the mount.  The scope is being used quite frequently for astrophotography.  Some of his photos are included.







Ring Nebula – M-57


Orion Nebula – M42


Globular – M15