Unitron Model 760

2.4″ (60mm), FL 700mm; Altazimuth Refractor: complete with mounting and slow motion controls for both altitude and azimuth, tripod, 5X-16mm viewfinder, rack and pinion focusing, 4 eyepieces, choice of UNIHEX or star diagonal and erecting prism system, sunglass, dewcap, dustcap, wooden cabinet

This first example of a 1960’s Model 760 belongs to Donald Chatfield.  According to Don, he acquired this 60’s 760 model in 2020 from an estate sale. “The nephew said his uncle purchased this while in the military stationed overseas. It is in very nice condition with a few scrapes on the tube but overall in my judgement excellent condition for not being restored. All the paperwork came in an envelope dated Jan 1968. My understanding is these were last advertised in November 1966. So Unitron apparently had a few left over for purchase, if in fact it shipped in 1968.” (All photos courtesy of Don Chatfield).

This second model belongs to Brian Deridder:

Model 760_01 Model 760_02 Model 760_03 Model 760_04