Unitron Model 127

1.6″ (40mm or 42mm), FL 700mm; Altazimuth Refractor – complete with mounting and slow motion controls for both altitude and azimuth, tripod, 5X-16mm viewfinder, rack and pinion focusing, 3 eyepieces, star diagonal, sunglass, dewcap, dustcap, wooden cabinet

Additional accessories: Erecting prism system

Featured are two versions of the Model 127 showing the significant variations in the mounts:  The first belongs to Charles Brault and is the 40mm version.  The second model is the 42mm version and it belongs to Will Thornton; it has the blocked UNITRON lettering and the 42mm lens; the wooden cabinet has the metal UNITRON plate.

40mm scope 2

Charles Brault’s 40mm x 700mm

40mm scope40mm finder 40mm focuser 40mm mount 2 40mm mount 3 40mm mount 40mm objective focuser backside focuser underside IMG_434040mm case 2 40mm case














Will Thornton’s 42mm x 700mm


DSCN2701 DSCN2707 DSCN2709