The debate related to dating associated with Unitron lettering, whether it be Blocked or Italic, continues.  Some specific information uncovered to date:

  • United Trading Company started with Blocked lettering in both its ads and on its telescopes and accessories when it first went public in October 1951
  • Lawrence Fine registered a Blocked lettering Unitron trademark in 1954 for first use in commerce in 1952
  • Blocked Unitron trademark lettering appeared throughout the 1956 Unitron catalog
  • Italic lettering first appeared in the company name in the Unitron advertisements in the 1957 Sky and Telescope magazines
  • Italic lettering on a product first appeared in an April 1957 Sky and Telescope advertisement; it was included as part of the introduction of the new 160V and 166V models and shown on the graduated focusing scale focuser
  • Italic lettering appeared throughout the 1958 Unitron catalog; Italic was used in the company name and also shown on most telescopes to include: Models 114, 128, 140, 142, 145, 150, 166 and several of the Unihex accessories; Note: it was difficult to see the Model 152 but it is safe to assume it was also Italic
  • Italic lettering appeared in the company name in the 1970 Unitron catalog but Blocked lettering was shown on all the telescopes and accessories
  • Italic lettering appeared in the company name in the 1972 Unitron catalog but Blocked lettering was still shown on most telescopes and the accessories; the 4 inch models shown with Italic lettering were the exceptions;  the Blocked lettering used was the Unitron trademark lettering
  • Italic lettering appeared in several separate 1977 Unitron catalogs (80mm Spotting Scope and Model 131C); it was used both in the company name and shown on the telescopes

Note: All the early catalogs (1956, 1958, and 1972) have Unitron copyrights and used the same photographer, S.E. Burgen.