Unitron Model RF 80

80mm, Fl 500mm, f/6.3; ED Semi-Apochromat Richfield Refractor: Multi-coated air-spaced doublet; solid 2″ focuser with smooth rack and pinion with locking screw; 6×30 finderscope with cross hair reticle; mounts on any standard photo tripod

The model featured is from 1993 and is owned by Tore Engen, Oslo, Norway; this model was found advertised in a Kasai Catalog along with several other Unitron accessories including finder scopes and eyepieces; it is currently the only Unitron ED Apochromat that has been discovered:


Kasai Catalog


Focuser01 Focuser02

Front01 Front02 Objective

End01 Objective Side01


Some additional photos taken on location during a solar observing session:

DSC03220ny DSC03221ny DSC03230ny