Polarex Model 131

3″  Equatorial Refractor; 75mm, FL 1200mm, 8x30mm Viewfinder; 6 eyepieces; Star diagonal; Sunglass; Erecting prism; Sun projection screen; Solar aperture diaphragm

Additional accessories available: Rotary eyepiece holder, Double eyepiece holder, Sun diagonal, Camera clamp, Synchronous motor, Astro camera, Counterbalance clamp, Spectro scope, Barlow lens

Stefan Thiele of Germany is the proud owner of this pristine Model 131 which he procured in 2014.  It is in absolute mint condition with absolutely no signs of usage.  It came complete with all the bells and whistles, including a super-rare 220 Volt synchronous motor drive, a Model 128 equatorial mount, Unihex, 6 Polarex eyepieces in a wooden case, a wooden tripod with a round plate for accessories, and a wooden box for the OTA.  The oculars are straight lettering which indicates it’s a 60´s telescope, but then there are “ears” on the front lens which indicates a 70´s telescope.

Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_05

Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_22 Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_23Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_06Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_09Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_11 Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_10Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_13Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_12Polarex 75mm auf 1200mm NS-131_16