Motor Drives

This page will feature the various synchronous motor drives that were available for the different models.

This synchronous motor drive was featured on a Model 152C; it belongs to Will Thornton and is now on his Model 155

DSCN3107 DSCN3108 DSCN3109

A drive identified for a Model 160:


A drive for a N-S/Polarex Model 131 (Courtesy of Stephen Brennan):

Polarex N.S. 131 Synchronous Motor Drive - 1 Polarex N.S. 131 Synchronous Motor Drive - 2

A Synchronous Drive Motor for a Unitron Model 510 (Courtesy of Dave Komar):


And several Synchronous Drive Motors for 6 inch models:

DSCN3388 DSCN3390