Polarex Model 136E

5″ Photo Equatorial Refractor: 127mm, FL 2000mm, 12.5x60mm Viewfinder; 8 eyepieces; Star diagonal; Sun projection screen; Solar aperture diaphragm; Astro camera; Motor or Clock drive; Counter balance clamp; Super rack and pinion; field tripod; 75mm, 1200mm FL guide scope.

Additional accessories available: Rotary eyepiece holder, Double eyepiece holder, Sun diagonal, Camera clamp, Motor or clock drive, Astro camera, Counterbalance clamp, Spectroscope, Barlow lens, Star camera

The telescope shown was restored to all its glory by Vincent Cuijpers, The Netherlands and then passed along to Harrie G. J. Rutten, The Netherlands.  All photos courtesy of Vincent Cuijpers.  Vincent also provided the following narrative on the scope:

“It is a Polarex Model 136-E Photo Equatorial telescope on field-tripod. A 75mm F=1200 mm guide scope and 10 x 40mm viewfinder are attached to the 5” telescope. It includes also a Motor drive, model 220 astro camera and Super Unihex rotary eyepiece selector with eyepieces.

The telescope was bought by a Belgian in the 1970s in Japan and shipped to Belgium. A few years later it was sold to another person in Belgium who placed the scope in his personal observatory in Gent for almost 40 years. The scope was not used during the last 10 years before it was sold to me.  The tube and optics were cleaned, the mount including balance weights, rods and wheels greased and cleaned, and finally put on its tripod after many years. Only one wooden legs needed restoration. Luckily this complete functional Polarex Model 136-E is now in service at Observatory Maasduinen (in dutch: “Sterrenwacht Maasduinen”).”


Additional information and photos can be found on Vincent’s website: https://polarex.jouwweb.nl/.

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