Polarex Model 132-F

4″  Photo Equatorial Refractor; 102mm, FL 1500mm, 10x40mm Viewfinder; 8 eyepieces; Star diagonal; Sun projection screen; Solar aperture diaphragm; Astro camera; Motor or Clock drive; Counter balance clamp; Super rack and pinion; Fixed Pier; Guide scope: 60mm 700mm F 9mm eyepiece

Additional accessories available: Rotary eyepiece holder, Double eyepiece holder, Sun diagonal, Camera clamp, Motor or clock drive, Astro camera, Counterbalance clamp, Spectro scope, Barlow lens

The Polarex Model 132F featured belongs to Xavier Debeerst, and is of very early 1950’s vintage.

Model132F_01 Model132F_02 Model132F_03 Model132F_04 Model132F_05

Model132F_06 Model132F_07 Model132F_08 Model132F_09