Unitron Model 152

4″ (102mm), FL 1500mm; Equatorial Refractor – complete with Equatorial mounting and slow motion controls for both declination and R.A., setting circles and veniers, tripod with levels, tripod shelf, 10X-42mm viewfinder, super rack and pinion focusing mechanism with clamps, 7 eyepieces, choice of UNIHEX or star diagonal and erecting prism system, sun projecting screen, solar aperture diaphragm, sunglass, pocket eyepiece case, dewcap, dustcap, wooden cabinets

Additional accessories available: DUETRON double eyepiece, Sun projecting screen with UNICLAMPS, Astro-Camera 220 with Accessories, UNIBALANCE Tube Assembly, 4″ UNICLAMP Camera Bracket, Clock Drive, Metal Fixed Pier

This first Model 152 is a pristine early 1950’s model owned by Gerald Elkin.  The 4 inch equatorial was first advertised in Sky and Telescope in the May 1953 issue; the battery-operated illuminator to the tripod eyepiece shelf for the 4 inch Equatorial mount, which this scope is equipped with, was first advertised in July 1953.

DSC_2692 DSC_2696

DSC_2671 DSC_2693

DSC_2683 DSC_2697 DSC_2699


The second Model 152 featured is owned by Dave Komar.  Dave purchased it in 1989 while on assignment to Japan with the United States Air Force.  Although purchased in Japan, it is a Unitron telescope with one of the objective lenses with the green tinted multi-coatings. This model came with a standard focuser, no levels on the mount, and the star diagonal option.

DSCN2466DSCN2730 DSCN2729 DSCN2728DSCN2732

The OTA mounted on a Universal Astronomics Unistar Deluxe mount is used regularly in support of the Culpeper Astronomy Outreach Program.


Note:  Photos of the mailing envelope and sales transaction documentation received with the telescope have been added.  The date of 26 March 1989 was about 3o years after I took delivery of my Model 114 in Pittsburgh, PA.  It shows I paid 298,000 Yen…can’t seem to recall what the exchange rate was at the time, think somewhere around 155 Yen to the USD.

Model 152_Envelope Model 152_Sales Memo Model 152_Sales Tax