UNITRON Model 132-C

4″ Compact Equatorial; 100mm, Fl 1500; complete with Equatorial Mounting and slow motion controls for right ascension and declination, flexible cable for R.A. control, supplementary R.A. slow motion and provision for attaching accessory clock drive, setting circles and verniers, tripod and brace, 10x42mm viewfinder with mounting brackets, rack and pinion focusing mechanism with focusing locks, star diagonal with 2x Barlow, erecting prism, 6 coated eyepieces: 6mm (250x), 7mm (214x), 9mm (167x), 12.5mm (120x), 18mm (83x), 25mm (60x), sun projecting screen set, solar aperture diaphragm, sun glass filter, dewcap, dustcap, wooden cabinets, instructions.

One source indicated that as few as 25 Model 132-C Unitron’s were produced starting in the late 1970’s.  The first Unitron advertisement for the Model 132-C was in the April 1978.  R.V.R. Optical listed a Model 132-C for $1419 in the November 1978 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine.

The following information and photos were provide by John Evans:  “In 1980 when I bought (the) 132-C brand new from Unitron it cost me $1100.00 plus $100 truck freight to Fairbanks, Alaska. The telescope came in the wooden box as seen and (the) tripod spreader was in a cardboard box as where the legs. Also at that time I could buy a 5 inch Unitron for $3000.00 plus shipping and a 6 inch for $6000 plus shipping, and they were in stock then.”

The following photos were provided courtesy of Kiwi via 7 November 2016 email.  According to information provided the telescope came with the 10X40mm viewfinder; 6mm, 9mm, 25mm, and 50mm eyepieces; a K12.5mm eyepiece; and two wooden cases.