Includes Polarex and Unitron manuals and instructions pertinent to all telescopes and accessories:

Achromatic Amplifier Instructions (Courtesy of Gerald Elkin): barlowCamera Adapter Instructions (Courtesy of Gerald Elkin):


Polarex Equatorial User Manual: Polarex Equatorial User Manual

Polarex-Unitron Supplemental Instructions: (Covers the Motor and Weight Drives, Astro Camera, 60mm Eyepiece, Guidescope, Unihex, and Duetron) : Polarex-Unitron-Supplementary_Instructions

Synchronous Motor Drive Installation and Operation Instructions: Synch Motor Drives

UNIHEX Instructions: UNIHEX

UNIHEX Instructions (Early Version Courtesy of Gerald Elkin): earlyunihex

Unitron Model 620 Instructions: Model_620_instruct

Weight Drive Clock Drive Instructions (Courtesy of Gerald Elkin): 1960'sweightdriveinstructions

Various Unitron Instructions:

Polarex Equatorial User Manual

Unitron 114 & 140 Manual

Unitron Owners Instruction Manual