Tiendesprong Observatory

The Observatory is located in Tilburg (South Netherlands). It is in a residential area in a stone building with a 3 meter dome. In the dome is a Polarex Model 136F, 127 mm, 2000mm Fl refractor. It is used to study the sky with magnifications between 38X and 333X.  It was purchased in 1968 by the University of Amsterdam and used until 1991 for students. In 1992 the telescope came in possession of the Tiendesprong Observatory.  Scopes attached to the OTA include:

  • Guidescope: Polarex 75 mm telescope with a focal length of 1200 mm
  • Viewfinder:  Polarex 10 x 40 mm
  • Self built 70 mm (63 mm) with a focal length of 1040 mm for Solar Prominence’s