Hershel Wedge

The Hershel Solar Wedge is a right-angle viewing attachment for solar observation.  It reduces the intensity of the sun for safe viewing with larger apertures.  Photos provided courtesy of Xavier Debeerst

polarex_herschel_wedge01 polarex_herschel_wedge02 polarex_herschel_wedge03 polarex_herschel_wedge201polarex_herschel_wedge202 polarex_herschel_wedge203 unitron155-28polarex_herschel_wedge


Some additional photos comparing the .965″ and the 1 and 1/4″ Hershel Wedges.  Photos courtesy of a Private Source.

HershelWedge (2) HershelWedge HershelWedge1 (2) HershelWedge1HershelWedge2 (2) HershelWedge3