Below is a breakout of the viewfinders as found on the various scope models.  I continue to update this based on a review of the various catalogs and new discoveries/inputs from the collector community.  I have also included  a breakout from one of the more recent Unitron catalogs, circa 1980:

Viewfinder01 Viewfinder02

  • 4X-19mm: on the Models 105; Chromed brass tube
  • 5X-16mm; 5x-19mm; 6x-24mm: on the Unitron Models 114; Chromed brass tube
  • 6X-23.5mm: on Models 128; Chromed brass tube
  • 8X-30mm: on Models 140 and 142; Duralumin tube in white enamel
  • 10X-40mm/42mm: on Model 145 and 4 Inch Models; Air-spaced objective; Duralumin tube in white enamel; Dewcap and Dustcap (Photo courtesy of Roger Roy)

10 x 40 Unitron

  • 12.5X-62mm/500 mm Focal Length: Standard on all Untron 6 Inch Models; Air Spaced Objective; Duralumin tube in white enamel; Dewcap and Dustcap

The following photos are of a Polarex 10X-60mm Viewfinder found on a Polarex Model 136F courtesy of Tore Engen; have not seen this listed in any catalog nor price list:


P1010297P1010292 P1010294 P1010296P1010298 P1010300 P1010306 P1010307

The following photos are of a rare Polarex viewfinder, D 50mm, FL 500 mm courtesy of Stephen Brennan; have not seen this scope listed in any catalog or price list:

Polarex 6 inch Finder - 1 Polarex 6 inch Finder - 2Polarex 6 inch Finder - 4Polarex 6 inch Finder Objective - 1Another rare Unitron branded viewfinder (photos courtesy of Bill Pohnan, Jr) is this 8x50mm right angle illuminated model.  Several versions of it along with an 11x80mm model are listed on page 47 of the 1992 Kasai Catalog (see below); it is not listed in any Unitron USA catalog nor price list:



Unitron Inv0001