MODELS 80/100:  Especially designed for wide field astrophotography

Model 80 features a highly corrected three element Taylor-type astrographic objective lens.  It features a wide field 80mm aperture objective of 400mm focal length (f/5).  Focusing was accomplished by rotating a collar that moves the objective.  Three double film holders for 4″ x 5″ film are included.  Photos courtesy of Xavier Debeerst

polarex_620_astrocamerapolarex_620_astrocamera2polarex_620_astrocamera_filmback2 polarex_620_astrocamera_lenscel

polarex_620_tuberings3polarex_620_astrocamera_lenscel2polarex_620_astrocamera_lens4 polarex_620_astrocamera_lens3 polarex_620_astrocamera_lens

The following photos provide a comparison between the Model 80 and the Model 100 Astrographs.  These photos were provided courtesy of a Private Source.   The Model 100 differs from the Model 80 in that it has a Four-element, Tessar-type, coated astrographic objective; 100mm aperture, 500mm focal length, f/5

80100mmastrograph2 80100mmastrograph3 80100mmastrograph4Astrograph1 Astrograph2 astrograph4 astrograph5 astrograph6 astrograph720140921_143717

A 60 mm Astrograph was recently identified and photos provided by Dimitrous Barounis.  This model Astrograph was never included in any Unitron/Polarex catalog but was included in a catalog on the Mizar Observatory website.

60mmAstrogragh01 60mmAstrogragh02 60mmAstrogragh03 60mmAstrogragh04 60mmAstrogragh05