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Thanks, Dave Komar


  1. Are you looking for images of any particular models such as this one?

    In any case, you’ve done an excellent job on the website, very classy.


  2. Hi Dave,
    very impressive site.
    i can look for hours to these impressive “giants-of-the-past”.
    At home I’m living with a 2,4″equatorial electrical driven, a 3″ equatorial electrical driven and fully loaded and the 4″ pier-model, weight-driven.
    By the way, the Delft University is the “home” of the Polarex-Unitron 9″ (226mm), but sadly not in operation-mode…
    But it came here by lucky coincidence.

  3. We have one for sale. I have no idea how much it is worth. I can send detail pictures. It is in 3 wooden boxes. It has one lens.

  4. I remember my High School Science teacher selling me the Unitron 2.4″ alt/azimuth. It had the rotary eyepiece with 5 eyepieces!
    I still use this piece of art for moon and Sun observations and photography. Thanks for the website! Oh by the way, the purchase price was $40.00 !!!!

  5. I am glad that the history of these wonderful instruments is being organised and preserved. I had the shock of a lifetime 5 or 6 years ago when a gentleman offered an old telescope to me. When I went to pick it up I discovered it was a model 152 unitron complete with cases and all except for one thing, the scope had a cast aluminum plates for the tripod table but there was no clock drive. It took me several months of digging but, I did find out all I could about the company. In the states eventually they were sold under the name unitron.In Europe, it was sold under the name polarex and from what information I found,it was sold under the Japanese telescope company. During the war seiko made optics for the war effort , after the war he developed the telescopes. The fittings that are on the scopes varied from year to year depending on what was available at the time because of material shortages such as the bakelite supports. also the setting circles Ive seem them with silver on black black with silver and black with white scales. I consider myself lucky to own a model 152(restored) and a complete model 114 with unihex and all cases.

  6. christopher Gamboni

    a number of years ago I went to the Unitron office in Bohemia Long Island to purchase an altazimuth mount for a televue refractor I had purchased. In the showroom was a Unitron 4inch equatorial completely made of brass. The manager said it was missing an objective lens. I enquired if it was for sale and he said for $2000.00 I could have it. Sadly that was way out of my price range. Have you heard of this telescope?

  7. Aasmund Skjoetskift , Norway

    Hello, you can add my name to the collectors list, as I since early 1980-s has been owner of a 4-inch equatorial mounted Unitron refractor. It is used now and then and still looks like new. Not sure of model, but seems like a 152. I like this web-site with all the information. I have the Sky an Telescope magazine with the story of Sky High Observatory in Norway.

  8. Chris A. Paynich

    My name is Chris Paynich.I purchased a Model 152 in March of
    1976. I have used this scope for 40 years now and have enjoyed it every year.I have been looking for information on the weighted clock drives,mfr and other info.Not much is available, many articles.I wanted to find more info on these instruments.I would appreciate any info anyone could provide.I am looking for an electric motor drive also. Thankyou,Chris

  9. Hi Dave,
    Thanks again to you and Chuck for your visit!
    Tom B.

  10. This is by far the best site I have seen on Unitron Telescopes.Thank you for that.
    I have a model 160. No rust no oxidation but some chips and scratches.If you don’t mind me asking are the black and the white paints powder coated? And could they be touched-up somehow? I don’t know if this site is here for this kind of help but if it is Thank you. If not thanks for all your hard work. Larry

    • Information provided by one of the better known Unitron restorers: “For the black I spray a little of the Rustoleum Satin Black #7777 in a cup and touch up with a small modeler’s brush. I do the same for white using the Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy.”

  11. Hello, I’m writing to you from Minas, in Uruguay, South America. I’m an Astronomy teacher from a local public high school, where we have an educational Astronomy Observatory, with an early 1960’s 4″ Unitron refractor. Luckely we and our colleagues have been able to preserve it, but we are still missing some accessories, like the motor drive. Although the original pier has the space to put a weight driven clock, our guess is that the telescope never had one. So, we are trying to get a motor drive, in order to have tracking for our observations. Most of our activities are educational, so we usually have many observers, students and teachers mostly.
    We would like to know if you could guide us in order to get a motor drive. I don’t think we will be able to acquire an original Unitron (although we wish…), but at least a diagram for a motor drive that would fit and work with our Unitron (we use 220V, 50Hz).
    Thanks a lot in advance for the information you could send us. Congratulations for this great website, and we promise to send you more information about our activities and our telescope soon.
    Greetings from Uruguay,


  12. healo dave my name is martin i live in australia in a state called queensland i am very interested in unitron telescopes and i am wanting please to know where you can buy them brand new in america or and here in australia.please tell me are they still making them new i have read that a lot of people are trying to keep them in operation.please tell me where in america the name of the telescope shops where i can buy them brabd new thank you from your client martin evans.please email me on

  13. Hi, my name is Jordan Hargis and I am a Student Director of the Observatory at Indiana State University, and we have a Unitron pier mounted telescope that is in need of some repairs. The scope was donated to us I think back in the 60s or 70s along with an observatory dome, but here at ISU we do not have an astronomy program so it has basically just sat up on the roof since it was put in. It has been covered and kept mostly dry, I do not believe it is in terrible shape just needs some tlc. I also can not find a model name or number, so I guess my question is if someone could help me identify which one it is. I have recently been given the ok to buy some parts for it(if they are even avalible) to get it back in working order and put some live back into astronomy here at Indiana State University! So if anyone could please lend a hand it would be much appreciated! Thank you, and sorry for the novel of a comment!

  14. I have a unitron 70mm spotting scope with 4 eye pieces, i cant seem to find any information about it, can you help?

  15. Hi, I spoke with Ron Lewis and his group of astronomers at the Green Mountain Alliance of Amateur Astronomers for a little local news story I am writing about restoring the Unitron telescope at Castleton University. They told me about your project and your visit to see the campus observatory last year. They also directed me to your website for details. May I use quotes from you from the website where you talk about the Vermont telescope? Fascinating story and your project is noble for rescuing these magnificent instruments!

  16. Today a friend gave me what seems to be an old Polarex refractor. I think it will turn out to be Model 114 (D60mm Fl 900). The outer edge of the objective lens has a piece chipped off. I am really only a beginning amateur astronomer and other than what appear to be normal eyepieces I am not certain of what all the parts I have are used for. One cap-like part with a side-mounted screw may be for use with the sun.

    Can good parts for this scope still be found? I should add that presently I don’t have a tripod that would attach to what seems like an alt-azimuth base. There are no declination or right ascension markings on the metal base that I have. I do have the storage box and it would seem that I have, at least, correctly identified the telescope.

  17. Dear Sirs,
    its me again.
    Sorry, i have forgotten to say that it is a Unitron 4 inch / Zoll / 102mm Refractor.
    I need some information to open the cell,the spacers/thickness and are they glued on the lens and how to make spares.


  18. Hi Dave,
    Hope all goes well with you. I was reading your 6″ inch Unitron intro when I noticed an image of the Mercury transit by the Hans Arber using a 6″ Unitron in the Philippines. Note that there is another published photo by Hans Arber of the sunspot maximum of Dec 25, 1957 in “Outer Space Photography for the Amateur” Amphoto, 2nd Edition, 1963, page 66 authored by Henry E. Paul. Just in case you missed it!
    New Mexico

  19. I am glad to say that I own a Unitron 132C, a 4″ compact refractor, that I purchased in 1980 from the Polaris Telescope Shop in Dearborn, Mi. It is in mint condition, not a nick or a scratch, with all accessories except the motor drive and sun glass filter.

  20. Michael Eastman

    Just purchased a Unitron 131-c (6-27-17) from an antique shop for $50. The objective lense is c-553. It’s not the original tripod, no spotting scope and only has the 9mm lense. I’m still very excited with the find, but it will need some work to clean it up.

  21. Hi Dave,

    I have a Polarex.1, which is a 42mm X 700mm and I’ve looked on the web pretty extensively and cannot find any info on it.


  22. I have a model 140 , 3” Unitron telescope that was my grandfathers. I think it must be 60 years old . Along the way things have been lost I’m assuming. I was curious if it was worth anything. Still use it on occasion with my grandson. Was wanting to upgrade. Any help would be great. Wish I could post a picture but can’t do it here.

  23. More info is needed on the Brandon-AP-Unitron. They made 2 of the “4 inch” models, a 94mm and a 92mm. Also, the later units had lighter accessories because the original Unitron focusers were heavy. I had three of these scopes around then.

  24. (Stop me if you’ve heard this before!) I recently purchased a Unitron 152 and am trying to find out when it was made… It has block lettering but no diameter or focal length markings on the focuser. I can’t seem to find this anywhere!

  25. I have a green 102mm UNITRON lens #5041 that I’m thinking of selling.
    Cheers Dave (australia)

  26. Hi Dave, It was great chatting with you at NEAF in April. Your Classic Telescope display was just wonderful and sure brought back memories of drooling over the Unitron ads in S&T. Your web site is just fantastic and I have spent hours looking through it. Thanks for the fun.

  27. hallo
    just got SUPER-UNIHEX



  28. Hi I have just bought a Unitron 80mm spotting scope with full height tripod, it still had the original receipt in the box. Just wondering if anyone would know where I could get a manual.

  29. Hi I have a 155 with camera for sale in Massachusetts. If interested please email me.

  30. Jim Sutherland

    Really enjoyed all information and many thanks to those involved. I have what is thought to be a Model 160 on a fixed metal pier with a weight driven clock drive with the super unihex. Has been in storage for many years. Is presently assembled in my Az living room and i could submit photos if might be of value to the History Project. Due to relocation plans I will at some point be looking for a new owner.

  31. Great site,I have aquired a Unitron Bi 10917 dual eyepiece spotting scope it is wonderfully clear optics,but i cannot find any info on the piece do you have any?

  32. I read the information on the ‘green tinted lenses’. I am recently retired, but worked in and owned a camera store in Iowa City, IA, ~50 years. The pictures you posted look very similar to the reflected coloration of Pentax and, later, all multi-coated camera lenses as mfrs adopt that technology. I have never seen one of the lenses in question so I wondered if the actual glass itself, not just the coating, was actually green-tinted.

    I started out majoring in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Iowa in 1964. I had built a photometer to measure starlight, which never really worked, in high school. The University had just installed a 24″ Boller & Chivens out in the country, so I got to use that some. A Dr. John S. Neff, who arrived here in 1964, was also interested in photometry, so we had a little in common, he remains a close friend to this day.

    Not surprisingly, everything I learned in the Physics end, throw some electronics, etc., all came into use almost daily in the camera store, since both disciplines are closely related.

  33. I picked up a Unitron telescope and Model 140 tripod at an antique store several years ago. It includes 6 aperture lenses in a separate box and a “star splitter” lens. I was not able to locate the model number on the Unitron, but would appreciate any suggestions. Would eventually like to fully restore, although it is in excellent condition.

    Thank you!

  34. I have found a Polarex 5-inch Fl 2000mm equatorial refractor with Field Tripod in Belgium for (minor) restaurations, and I will keep you updated.

    • Hi Vincent! Please keep me updated! Would greatly appreciate some photos and known history on the scope.

      • David,
        Tomorrow I have to go back to Belgium to pick-up the Polarex accessoires ( as model 220 Astrocamera, eyepieces, etc.) which were not stored at the former address (of the private observatory). This to exclude losing the package when shipping it within Europe. Thereby I will also try to get the complete history of this Polarex model 136E (5″ Photo-Equatorial Polarex telescope with tripod)
        Latst week I started cleaning the optics and tubes of the 127mm, 75mm ( guide scope),10x40mm viewfinder, I will overload you with text and images next week.

        A question, it is a Polarex 5″ , model 136E, were these only imported in Europe these days ? And do you know something about production number/ total?


    • I have what I believe is a 3” Altazimuth model 140
      Unitron D 75mm F 1200 mm
      Atleast this is what is written on it
      In original box and 6 aperture lenses in small separate box
      And A monster of a tripod in another box

  35. I have an old Polarex model 132E, F, 4″ inches. These telescope has a mechanic clock with a stell wire hard duty. but I would like to reemplace. Do you know where looking for this wire?
    I would like to learn to use this telescope because I have 10 years with this equipment and never use it!! In this site I found a Polarex operation manual. I hope so I can to use correctly.

  36. Hi, I was lucky to be able to buy a Polares 65m, have a hard time finding anything in writing about this model, I have a link here where you can read about the model

    Thank you Kind regards Allan Kristensen

    Com from Danmark

  37. I have a 3″ Unitron that was purchased somewhere around 1968 – I am the only owner. However – for 30+ years the scope was relegated to various attics and basements where we lived. A few years ago I got back into the hobby and the scope works remarkably well for being mistreated so long.

    The lens is very much in need of being cleaned and re-coated. I am wondering if anyone can tell me who might be able to do that for me and how to contact them.


    • Hi John! Suggest you search threads on the Cloudy Nights forum for info on cleaning your lens. Caution you about cleaning unless it has fungus or is pretty dirty. Not aware of anyone getting their lens re-coated.


  38. To David Komar,
    I will send you pictures of a couple of Polarex 75mm diameter and 1200mm focal lens which I picked up in Sydney, Australia a couple of years ago. That size is not listed on your site. I will send them to your email once reduced in size.

  39. Looking for the tripod brace chain for a Unitron 105 2″ Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

  40. Hello, looking for anyone that can do repairs/restoration on a unitron 114 (I think). It has been “working” but with some elbow grease. Unfortunately last night it tipped over and part of the unihex broke. I live in Rhode Island but could ship it if necessary. Would love to have the entire piece restored. It was my fathers and is one of my most cherished possessions. Thanks! Ed

  41. Side comment about Astro-Physics Nihon Seiko guidescope. The one you show appears to have fixed collimation. But this one from the Worthpoint record shows an objective image with collimation screws. Just FYI.

  42. I recently dug out a unitron scope that my dad got from his grandfather, probably in the late forties or early fifties. It doesn’t have a model number, and all it says on it is it’s a 62 by 900, diameter and focal length. Can anyone tell what the model number is from that? I looked through the models shown on the web site, and didn’t see one that looked like dad’s.

  43. A couple of years ago I acquired a Polarex D50 F700 scope. Because I will never use it I thought I will see about selling it. Can anyone please advise a likely value? It is complete with a wooden box and stand etc. looks as though the only missing piece might be one eye piece. Cannot include an image here? From what I see online it ‘might’ be a 105 perhaps?

  44. I have an early Model 152 4″ telescope. I’m confused with the tube. It is painted brass and looks original, but all the literature I’ve found says this telescope has an Aluminum tube. Any ideas how I can confirm it is original?

  45. HELP PLEASE??? In estimating a cost value for an older UNITRON telescope D50 F700 on an azimuth wooden tripod… Had it cleaned and serviced and worked great but is missing all but one eyepiece… WHat should I ask for it when selling?

  46. I am interested in seeing the homepage.
    I am the owner of Unitron in Japan.
    I got a 4-inch refracting telescope. However, the cradle is not attached. So, I would be grateful if you could just tell me the diameter of the 4-inch cylinder.

  47. I am the owner of Unitron in Japan.
    I got a 4-inch refracting telescope. However, the cradle is not attached. So, I would be grateful if you could just tell me the diameter of the 4-inch cylinder.

  48. I have a 3″ Unitron with a D75mm zoom lens, viewfinder, mounting base, 10X40 finder scope, 3″ unibalance, tripod legs, 3″ guide brackets and tripod shelf that am anxious to sell. I live in central California

  49. I am trying to locate the dublet objective cell for unitron 150 (4”). Any information would be very helpful. I am willing to pay a premium for the lens. If practical I would even pay to have one made.

  50. Hello. I found two scopes named meridian, and I could need more info about these. I also would need an instruction for how to use and set them up. As far as I understand those two, an 900 and an 1200 are polarex, unitron scopes. But howcome did Björn Hedvall in Sweden the rebrand it to Meridian? I also have some equip for them that would be glad if someone helped me to identify.


  51. Brent Vartanian

    Hello. I am 99.9% finished with restoration on a model 155. The problem is I can’t locate a original motor drive. I have looked high and low. Can anyone help me out with info as to where I might look or text in a attempt at locating one.

  52. I have my grandfathers unitron model 114, 2.4 inch altazimuth refractor. Where might i find parts mainly the unihex rotary eyepiece selector? Are they available? I have the original wooden boxes, paperwork , instruction packet and packing list for it. Is ot worth anything? Any info would be awesome

  53. DAVE, Thanks for the help with the identification for my Model 166 Unitron.
    The web site is great with a wealth of information available. Congratulations to all involved. Due to health reasons I will have to part with this telescope but will attempt to find a proper home for this pride and joy classic. Will continue to stay in touch.

  54. The mounting carrying the double tube assembly at University of Connecticut was designed and built by Professor Edgar Everhart, who went on later to University of Denver as Director of Chamberlin Observatory. I worked for Edgar in his final years in his program of cometary astrometry. He had become well-known as a celestial mechanician and as an expert in the hypersensitization of Kodak 2415 emulsion. The mounting of his 16-inch Newtonian at the Chamberlin Field Station in Bailey, Colorado, had design features in common with the earlier example in Connecticut. Everhart was trained in experimental particle physics at MIT but migrated into astronomy. He discovered two comets and was active at the Stellafane Convention in his earlier years. He is sorely missed!

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