Unitron Model 131

3″ (75mm), FL 1200mm; Equatorial Refractor – complete with Equatorial mounting and slow motion controls for both declination and R.A., setting circles and veniers, tripod, 8X-30mm viewfinder, standard rack and pinion focusing, 6 eyepieces, choice of UNIHEX or star diagonal and erecting prism system, sun projecting screen apparatus, sunglass, pocket eyepiece case, dewcap, dustcap, tripod shelf, wooden cabinets

Note: This model number is derived from the 1970 and 1987 Joint Seiko Scope-Polarex-Unitron Catalogs.  It is identical to the Model 142 3″ Equatorial with few exceptions: 6 eyepieces instead of the 5 for the Model 142; Star Diagonal standard with no option to select the Unihex or Star Diagonal and erecting prism (Unihex is of course an optional accessory)

Tore Engen of Oslo, Norway owns this late 1970’s vintage model.  He purchased it in Norway.  See more details of his Unitron Story under the Featured Stories Page…Sky High Observatory

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