Polarex Model 134

4″ Altazimuth Refractor; 102mm, FL 1500mm, 10x40mm Viewfinder; 6 eyepieces; Star diagonal; Sunglass; Erecting prism;

Additional accessories available: Rotary eyepiece holder, Double eyepiece holder, Sun diagonal, Solar aperture diaphragm, Camera clamp, Sun projection screen, Astro camera, Spectro scope, Barlow lens

Featured models represent both the 1960’s and the 1970’s versions that are primarily differentiated by the fork versus the cradle mounts.  The first is the 1960’s version with the cradle mount (All photos courtesy of Xavier Debeerst) :

polarex_model150d04_01 polarex_model150d04_02 polarex_model150d04_03 polarex_model150d04_04 polarex_model150d04_05polarex_model150d04_06 polarex_model150d04_09 polarex_model150d04_10 polarex_model150d04_11 polarex_model150d04_12 polarex_model150d04_13 polarex_model150d04_14polarex_model150d04_05 polarex_150_fork20 polarex_150_fork23

The second is the 1970’s version with the cradle mount:

polarex150_301 polarex150_302 polarex150_303 polarex150_304 polarex150_305 polarex150_306polarex150_307 polarex150_308 polarex150_309 polarex150_310 polarex150_311 polarex150_312polarex150_315polarex150_313 polarex150_314