Unitron Model 140

3″ (75mm), FL 1200mm; Altazimuth Refractor – complete with mounting and slow motion controls for both altitude and azimuth, tripod, 8X-30mm viewfinder, rack and pinion focusing, 5 eyepieces, choice of UNIHEX or star diagonal and erecting prism system, sunglass, dewcap, dustcap, wooden cabinets

Additional accessories available: DUETRON double eyepiece, Sun projecting screen with UNICLAMPS, Astro-Camera 220 with Accessories

The 1950’s model featured is owned by Terra Clarke.

Model 140 (2)Model 140-01Model 140-02Model 140-03Model 140-04

This second very early 1950’s Model 140 is is owned by Mike Hyrczyk, Pittsburgh, PA.  He acquired it in November 2014 from the Pittsburgh craigslist.  It belonged to a young lady from the Oakland part of Pittsburgh near The University of Pittsburgh.  She said it was her grandfather’s.  It has the mount that is bolted directly to the OTA and a lens cell with no markings indicative of early to mid 1950’s.  The updated cradle that replaced the bolt-on mount was first introduced in an advertisement in the August 1955 issue of Sky and Telescope magazine.

unitron 140-2 unitron 140-3 unitron 140-4 unitron 140-5