This series of telescopes was introduced sometime during the late 1980’s and came in several models.  According to a 1992 price list:  “Unfold the mysteries of the universe with Unitron’s exciting line of Ed-U-Scopes.  They are extremely easy to use, making them ideal for the Mature Beginner or Younger Set.  Ed-U-Scopes bring you the universe.  Erecting prisms allow for terrestrial viewing as well.”

They came in three models:

Model 431R:  A 30X to 90X zoom telescope with 60mm achromatic coated lens “will allow you a clear view of the heavens or distant scenery with crisp sharp images.  Rack and pinion focusing and wood tripod add to the enjoyment.”

Model 432R: A “15-60 power variable power telescope features 60mm coated lens and magnifications of 15, 30, 45, and 60 power also rack and pinion focusing and a two section tripod.”

Model 433R:  A “15-45 vari-power telescope with 40mm achromatic coated lens is variable between 15, 30 and 45 power also features rack and pinion focusing and metal table tripod.”

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